Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Our Vision:

St Matthew’s is a vibrant family of God’s people, bringing his transforming presence into our world through authentic, honouring relationships.

Read more at: St Matt’s Vision Story, and learn about the meaning behind the ships!

Our Values:

  1. We value goodness, truth, love, creativity and all the attributes of God’s character – he is our Father!
  2. We value intentional Kingdom priorities in all areas of life, since we are God’s ambassadors – in business, in study, in sport, in family and in our community.
  3. We value Holy Spirit intervention as he enables us with spiritual gifts and supernatural capability.
  4. We value authentic, honouring relationships as the means of sustaining life and growth within and beyond St Matt’s.
  5. We value interconnectedness in all of life, as God is active in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

 “Wollongong” banner image gratefully used with permission of Dee Kramer Photography.